What is Pinterest

define pinterest social mediaPinterest is a social website designed like a bulletin board styled to provide users the ability to share photos and links with other Pinterest members. Users can create and then manage theme based categories based on their own personal interests. The site’s mission statement is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” Pinterest is managed by Cold Brew Labs.

Developers first started working on Pinterest in December 2009  and was first published for beta testing in March 2010. Pinterest has been operating much like Google+ did at first in that new members can either join a waiting list, or must get an invitation from an existing member.


How Do Pinterest Users Use Pinterest:

Pinterest members use a “Pin It” button to select media they find on the internet and save these files on their own image boards. These image boards can be named anything the member likes to help organize all the items they find interesting and would like to either save or to share with others. Pinterest is capable of organizing media such as pictures, video, discussions, and links to interesting information.

What most users spend most of their time doing however may not be “pinning” their own interests. Through feeds displaying the most popular “pins” and feeds that show what people’s friends have “pinned”.

Editors Note: To date a majority of users are women and looking at the most popular pins currently reveal mostly information that trend towards the interests of women. Examples include recipes, decorating, fashion, hair styles, work out strategies, announcement pictures, invitations, and wedding preparation ideas.

6 thoughts on “What is Pinterest

  1. How would I be able to pin a picture etc from my FB acct. or my personal computer into my Pinterest acct for others to see? I have not been able to find any directions for this. Or, can only bloggers or commercial people do this as they have a Pin It button.

  2. Pinterest currently can not pin images directly from Facebook. The URL structure of the Facebook pages are not unique enough to provide that ability. I would check back from time to time to see if there has been an update put in place.

  3. Please un-do the re-do of your login page. Please put back the “categories” drop down menu. If you want to make a pinterest “wedding” page, “Christmas” page etc. please put it in the drop down categories menu. Your new format has become a “stumbling” block for users. Some people just want to browse at random (the way your site used to open) others need to have categories to jump start their searching. Not everyone wants to post, so perhaps a bigger “how to use Pinterest” drop down menu would allow that infor without bogging down those of us who are just looking for great ideas! I realize you are trying to do more, work out the kinks, etc. , but when doing that don’t forget that much of what you started with WORKED FINE!! I have enjoyed and utilized pinterest quite a lot in the past, but find this new format too cumbersome to bother with.
    Thanks for your time.

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