Wedding Planning with Pinterest

tips for planning a wedding with pinterest

Very few people that spent much time on the Internet over the last few months have been able to avoid the new social media site Pinterest. Not even a year old, Pinterest has touched a nerve with the public, and for sure has attracted a dedicated female base. Just looking at some of the popular “pins” on Pinterest proves that brides, mother of the brides, maid of honors, and friends of the bride have for sure found the benefits of having a Pinterest account.

For those that might not be fully aware of what Pinterest is, think of the it as a large bulletin board in which a person can pin pictures of things that they find interesting. The difference is that with Pinterest the pictures that a member pins to their bulletin board can be shared with the entire community. As many previous and future brides have discovered a Pinterest account can be very handy. Pinning cakes, decorations, dresses, hair styles, announcement pictures, invitations, and hundreds of other wedding related items can help inform planners, friends, and others about the styles of wedding planning that interests the bride. So how to get started?

First You Must Join Pinterest:

First the good news, joining Pinterest is free! Second piece of good news? Joining Pinterest is very easy. If you have a friend on Pinterest they can invite you by giving Pinterest your email address. In a few moments you will get an email explaining the steps to join. Currently you will have to tie your Pinterest account together with your Twitter or Facebook accounts, but that is also very easy. If you do not have a friend on Pinterest already do not fret. Please note on the right hand column of this website the fields to apply for a Pinterest invitation. If you submit your name and email address we will send an invitation to you. The additional bonus of using this site to get your account is that from time to time you will get insider tips on how to use Pinterest for yourself, or for marketing.

Now that you have an account you must set up “boards” in which you will organize the wedding pictures and ideas that you find on the internet. For wedding planning we would recommend building these categories: will send an invitation to you. The additional bonus of using this site to get your account is that from time to time you will get insider tips on how to use Pinterest for yourself, or for marketing.

  • Wedding dresses
  • Wedding cakes
  • Wedding hairstyles
  • Vintage weddings
  • Wedding invitations
  • Wedding crafts
  • Wedding table decor
  • Wedding photography
  • Wedding flowers
  • Wedding locations


These categories are really just starting points. As you spend more time with Pinterest it might become necessary to add many more categories.

Using Pinterest as one of the primary tools to help with your wedding planning will help  make planning more fun, and not as much like work. There are thousands of wedding related items already on Pinterest in which to look through. The additional method to fill your wedding boards is by finding wedding items on any website and then “pinning” the information to your boards. This will help direct your wedding planner or friends to learn about the wedding items and styles that you are interested in.

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For additional wedding planning help: Some Additional Tips for Using Pinterest:

  1. Do not limit yourself to only wedding related searches or streams. Searching on terms such as travel, party, fashion, or hair styles can all provide unsuspected inspirations.
  2. Involve you friends and family. Have more eyes out there pinning wedding suggestions can help find even more great ideas.
  3. Look for other brides on Pinterest. There are already hundreds o
    f other women that are actively using Pinterest to help plan their wedding. Find these women, and follow them. This will provide you with even more sets of eyes in which to draw inspiration from.
  4. Make sure to share your wedding boards with planners, or friends that are helping to put the wedding together. As your pins add up it will become clearer what your style is and will allow for people to offer additional ideas that might help.
  5. Pictures on Pinterest are usually links. When interesting wedding pictures are found make sure to follow the links that are attached to the picture to the websites that they came from. If you liked the original picture that you saw on Pinterest perhaps the website that it came from sells the item, or just as importantly has other items that you will find interesting.


In a very short amount of time future brides using Pinterest will have a wedding tracker to help find hundreds of ideas that are completely new to them. Wedding planners, and other brides have put some of their best material on the web in effort to share or to show off. Use these previous experiences to help plan a great wedding.

If you have learned any additional tips that might help others to plan their wedding it would be great if you would share in the comments below.





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