Updates Coming to Pinterest

New Look PinterestPinterest has announced that is about to release a very new and improved design. The updated Pinterest will include larger images, enhanced navigation, and a better menu navigation to help find related pins next to the pins you view. Now finding fashion, or recipes on Pinterest could be a much more fun experience.

The good people at Pinterest are reporting that this update will be rolling out to a select group to being beta testing and that everyone else will start to see this update in a few weeks.



 Highlights of New Pinterest Design

  • Easier to find – the new layout promises to make finding what you are looking for easier
  • More – The images are going to be larger. Maybe now you will not have to select a pin in order to really see the picture
  • Faster – Promised backroom changes are going to make page loading much faster

Here are a couple extra pictures:


Bigger Pinterest Pictures

Pinterest Navigation

Do you have any improvements that you would like to see Pinterest make? We would love for your thoughts to be added in the comment section.

One thought on “Updates Coming to Pinterest

  1. Love to be able to arrange my boards so that I can have the pins in the order I like them, and possibly sub categories with out having to go to a new board. takes to long to find something sometimes. Take recipes, it is hard to find some when there are so many. Also when you scroll boards to add a pin…love to see that simplified some how…I have 63 boards.

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