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social media people must use pinterestPinterest the fastest growing website in history has an advantage for website marketing that a number of other sites do not have. That advantage is that with compelling pictures future customers are only a couple of clicks away from purchasing from you or your clients. Reducing the amount of clicks that possible customers have to complete in order to convert as a qualified lead or to make a purchase places Pinterest in the “must do” category on a social media marketing professional’s to-do list.

Because future customers are actually clicking on pictures of your products or services marketers can expect higher conversion rates and drastically reduce the time of the sales cycle. There is little chance that larger companies with in house SEO or Social Media Professionals are not already making their presence felt on Pinterest. This means that if you or your clients have not started yet with a Pinterest strategy then perhaps the below points of interest can persuade an expedited buy in.

Twitter and Facebook Accounts Sync with Pinterest

Social Media experts can go on for hours regarding the power of Facebook and Twitter to help engage a customer base, and to build ROI in their SEO campaigns. Pinterest though just starting out has already bought in to the power of the bigger more mature social media websites. Pinterest has user settings that allow for marketers to share the postings of their Pinterest activities on both their Twitter and Facebook pages.  This will help marketers get their more mature social media audiences to see the marketing images they are using on Pinterest. Special Note: Take a look at the top of this post. Note the Pinterest social media button sitting right beside the other buttons. Get the Pinterest Pinning Button on your websites as soon as you can.

Pinterest Brings the Traffic

Pinterest has garnered more than 10 million unique views. Of course this is not anything close to Google Search, Facebook, or Twitter, but this is not traffic that should just be left to competitors. There are many early studies that are already showing that Pinterest is now driving more traffic than Goolge Plus and Linkedin combined.

Pinner Pinning Create Inbound Links for You

For anyone that has ever tried their hand doing SEO work for their company they should be aware just how important inbound links are to the process. Forget how links can help increase the rankings of a website in the search engines for a moment (although you should never really forget that). The inbound links that are created by strangers by the tens to the hundreds to your website have an incredible value.

For those that have done link building it should be stated here that the links from Pinterest are tagged as NoFollow. Do not forget however that every image pinned from your site contains a link to your site, and that all Pinterest links can increase traffic. Increasing the traffic to a website will help the hardest hard core link builder to get happy.

To Conclude

Pinterest is obviously a social media website that your SEO or Inbound Marketer should be developing a strategy for. Pinterest helps build inbound links, bring increased traffic, and integrated very nicely with both Facebook and Twitter. With just a few minutes of free time a review of some of the businesses on Pinterst should help convince any hold outs that an investment should be made.

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  1. We are starting a new business and I want to be able to have a Pinterest site for this business. Do I from my personal email invite our business?

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