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pinterest recipe boardsAs more people get used to not just looking at pictures on Pinterest but also finding useful actionable information whole new experience is possible. Already we have posted lists of Pinterest boards worth following. Examples include boards about restaurants, fashion brands, and even newspapers. Today, this list of boards on Pinterest with great recipe information we expect to be very popular. 

For sure the types of postings you see on Pinterest the most revolve around hair styles, wedding planning, announcement pictures, pets, and exercise motivation. As we here at this blog get more time there will be additional lists of Pinterest boards for all these categories. The list of great recipe boards on Pinterest we are publishing today is not expected to be exhaustive. Please, we would very much appreciate you adding links to additional recipe boards that you think are worth following in the comments section below.

Good Recipe Boards on Pinterest:

RecipeGirl –   Lori Lange: Website Founder:, Cookbook Author, Food Blogger/Writer & Recipe Developer & Mom.

BEST Food Blogger Recipes – The BEST Recipes from Exclusive Food Bloggers across the World. FOLLOWERS: Click Photos, Drool, & REPIN!! BOARD MEMBERS: To ensure the BEST experience for ALL on our Community Board, please note the following: 1. Share your creative & AMAZING Recipes Daily/Weekly! 2. MAX – 3 RECIPE POSTS AT A TIME. 2. Link back to ORIGINAL Recipe Website. 3. ALWAYS Credit Original Blogger. 4. NO Advertisements.

Kraft Recipes – Delicious and easy Kraft Foods recipes, cooking tips, and more for every meal and occasion. – Great Recipes, Great Value. With coupons and specials in your neighborhood stores tied to all our recipes, saving never tasted so good.

Healthy Foodie – A tale of innovative gluten free vegan cooking…

The Chocolate Covered Diet – Recipes from Chocolate-Covered Katie, the healthy dessert blog:

Food – A board called Food gets straight to the point. And beautiful food it is! A collection of mouth watering recipes that are worth every pin.

Favorite Recipes – Healthy skewed recipes that appeal to the everyday eater.

VegNews Magazine – America’s premier vegan lifestyle magazine

Healthy Desserts by Chockohlawtay – Tasty desserts made using good-for-you ingredients that are not only unique and good tasting, but beneficial to life.

Food That’s Healthy – Over 72,700 Followers! – Healthy food to look and feel your best!

Delicious – Jane Wang’s Board – I love food and first of all we taste with our eyes . Pinterest makes food Delicious.

Allison Butt’s Recipes – Alli’n Sons

Cheese is the Bee’s Knees – Whole Foods Market’s Cheese Is the Bee’s Knees board

A few Pinterest Recipe Tips:

  1. Don’t just follow your friends
  2. Do repin as much as you find interesting
  3. Make sure to add a bookmark to your browser both of the boards you like, and to this posting to make sure you find the newest recipe information
  4. Create separate boards for each subject or type of recipe that you like

Please feel free to add more recipe boards from Pinterest that you have found good stuff on in our comments section below.


3 thoughts on “Recipe Boards on Pinterest to Follow

  1. I am sorry but this is my first ‘hit’ on this site, so I am not the person that should be-at this stage-making great statements but I have taken notice of what my first impressions are.

    Please forgive my approach, I am only commenting on what I see.

    When I opened the site, for the first time, I saw a jumbled mass of photos that was off putting; ‘where do I start to look’ I thought.

    My second glance gave me the impression that the site was only aimed at young people and I immediately began to dismiss the idea of trying to look any further.

    Mature people have become used to things being in categories, rather than jumbled, but you do not need me to tell you that and I mean no disrespect to the way young people are attracted to the Net sites.

    I began to scroll down through the ‘blurb,’ I was going to have to read through to find anything out, and found it to be a reading experience I did not have time to complete. In the end, I gave up the idea of trying to get through the enormity of it all.

    I am being critically honest here, and please forgive me for saying so; I am not inspired and think that I will, unless there are changes to the site’s page format, not need to come back to the page.

    Having said that, I may have overlooked something, due to the amount of reading I have to get through before I know anything at all, and may also be missing out on a site that may just be what I am looking for but the ambiguity, from the notation, has left me feeling the page layout and information gathering to be a little bland for me to get to know.

    My comments are not meant to offend and I hope you find them constructive but, at the end of the day, who am I, I am merely a keen eyed mature novice looking round for another site that I think may be of interest to me.

    • John, I feel the same way….Also, Pinterest has changed its format and made it even more confusing…I feel that, eventually, they will clean it up a bit so that all can enjoy their experience on their site…At least I hope so…

  2. I hope you two reconsider. I was quite overwhelmed my first few visits but since I have learned to navigate the system I love Pinterest! You have to find your niche and build on it. I have found many people that share my interests. For example, I get an email saying so and so repinned or liked a home canning pin. I go to their board and check it out and usually get a few more pins from them and begin following their canning board. Likewise with sewing, humor and chickens. I have learned a lot. It is quite confusing in the beginning until one sorts it out.

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