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valentines day pins and boardsLooking for good do it yourself or holiday pins on Pinterest is becoming increasingly common. Already we have listed interesting fashion boards, recipe boards, and restaurant boards. Of course most reports show that the majority of Pinterest users are women so it is unclear how much Valentines Day related content will be viewed on Pinterest.

In looking for good Pinterest boards with good Valentines Day pins it is clear that there just isn’t as much interest as there was for Christmas boards. Still there are some good boards that are posting pins with gift ideas for both him and her, DIY decorating ideas, and recipe ideas for the special day.

It would be great if you know of other Valentine’s Day boards worth a mention that you let us know below in the comments section.


List of Valentine’s Boards on Pinterest

Sagrario Hinostro – Currently has 154 Pins

LT – Currently has 1,249 followers and 116 Valentines Pins

Jane Swindle – Currently has 116 pins and 187 followers

Nikki Blass – Currently has just over 100 Valentines Pins with 174 followers

Jaclyn Brueckner – Has over 125 pins for Valentines Day

Angela Sass – Over 270 Pins!

Kim Felton – Coming up very soon to 200 pins

Tammy Nelson – Listing 141 Valetintes pins at the moment, maybe more by now

Karen Schlum – Now listing over 250 Pins!

Jean Reinert – Now has 150 pins with Valentines ideas

Valentines day pies

Katie Blair – Now has 147 Pinterest Pins

Debra Fults – Find 220 Valentines Day Pins

Karen Cable – Karen has 185 pins to look over

Cindy Russ – Listed with 177 pins but only 89 followers

Shanna Kohler – Love only 81 followers but almost 250 Valentines Pins!

Mommy Ashley – The largest Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board listed so far: 373 Pins


Valentine’s Day is full of chocolate, jewelry, special restaurants  proposals, and many more reasons to get your Pinterest on. Take a look through some of the boards listed here. We are always looking for more great content to share so if you would like us to list boards about other subject just let us know.



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