Pinterest Losing Traffic

Are Fewer People on Pinterest?

fewer people using pinterest nowBack in January 2012 and through the beginning of March 2012 there was an explosion in free media attention surrounding the social media site Pinterest. All of this interest drove a large amount of first time visitors to the Pinterest site.

After this media coverage there was an explosion in traffic that peaked in March. Now it would seem that Pinterest is actually starting to lose users. At least in comparison to March it is clear that April has seen fewer people spending much less time on Pinterest.

Most Pinterest users are signing up using their Facebook accounts. There is a group called AppData that monitors how often users of third party apps and websites interact with Facebook. AppData reports that the number of Facebook connected Pinterest users has greatly reduced over the last fifty days. Interested in some real numbers? Monthly active users of Pinterest is now down from an average of 11.3 million users on March first to 11.15 million on April first, to there now being an average of 8.3 million Pinterest participants.

Traffic trend graph of pinterest

There is not just bad news for Pinterest. They still may very well be on course to get their Instagram pay day.

A large number of the of the people coming to Pinterest through the first three months of 2012 were likely just taking a fast tour of the site for the first time. That these people did not find Pinterest of interest to them should not concern the fans of Pinterest. The initial growth of Pinterest was not ever based on the publicity that comes from celebrity endorsements or from the business community joining the site. Pinterest became popular from friends and family members sharing their interests with each other. This type of growth while not as fast, does build a sustained reliable growth. The type of growth the develops users that not only join the website, but also spend real amounts of time on the site when they get there.

Websites or Blogs About Pinterest

Of course there is not that much interest in a little site like this one that you are on now, but we can report that the general decrease in Pinterest interest has also decreased the number of visitors to this site. We are sure that most of the sites that are primarily about the world of Pinterest have also seen the same trend in their visitors. If you publish, or know about a website or blog that publishes mostly information about Pinterest please share it with the rest of us. Tell us in the comment section the name of the website and what kind of information that it has.

5 thoughts on “Pinterest Losing Traffic

  1. I fell in love with this site in the beginning but then was unable to get help with support people in fact going on 3 weeks and they have not contacted me nor fixed problem with category button to repin to my categories from other peoples pins… my use has dropped from several times a day to nearly nothing.

  2. First of all I love pinterest. Finally, there was something that people…regular everyday genuine people could use to communicate their interests and awesome adventures in life. Reality from everyday people and not so much the outdated and overglamorized, so called..stars. Something that is centered around people. Pinning was fun and addictive but when I would go back to boards half of my pins would not be on the boards. Mostly the pins that were not on the boards were the pins that were my favorite. I don’t know what happened and continues to do. I don’t want to criticize, but maybe this will help. Other friends have this problem,also.

  3. Tried to join Pinterest but was told that I must join Facebook or Twitter just to become a member of Pinterest. I have no reason to use Facebook/Twitter but sure would have used the Pinterest site because if interests in travel and design.

  4. I have received an invite from Pinterest a month ago, but was not able to sign up. I keep getting the 404 error. Am I the only one?

  5. I signed up for Pinterest in March and was a loyal user up until late last month when the Pinterest anti-spam system blocked me when I was just moving pins around my account to new boards that were more specific for my content. From March thru late June I had only 1100 pins or so while some other followers of mine who were clearly not spammers had 7000 to 15000 pins!

    Since I could only “deactivate” my account as opposed to outright closing it out I could return in theory, but why bother to if I would wind up being swept in Pinterest’s spam witch hunt again? The admin that run Pinterest needs to tweak their anti-spam methods to where legitimate pinners aren’t identified as spammers otherwise they will become the next Myspace before long!

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