Is Pinterest Driving Sales

This blog has not been huge in the re-publishing of infogrpahics. For sure there is not a shortage of websites that are jumping on the Pinterest boom to help get traffic to their sites. We at Pinterest Login of course would know nothing about that.

This is about to change with this posting. The fine people at Shopify have put together a nifty graphic that outlines how successful Pinterest is and has been at helping retailers to close sales.

Here are some highlights from the this graphic:

  • Pins with price tags get 36% more likes than those without it
  • Pinterest contributed with 17% of social media driven revenue in Q1 2012, up 16% from Q2 2011
  • Buyers coming from Pinterest are spending 10% more than the ones coming from other networks
  • Brands are growing faster than on Twitter
  • On Shopify, the average order coming from Pinterest is $80, higher than any other site including Google, Amazon and Facebook, which has an average of $40
Marketing on Pinterest

Image: From Spopify


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