List of Retail Stores to Follow on Pinterest

list of stores on pinterest

Because this blog is devoted to all things Pinterest you as a reader of this site are not shocked to hear that online stores, celebrities, charities, businesses, and more are all interested in getting your attention through their boards. Not too long ago people loved hearing “you got mail”, then it was hip to “Google” what you were looking for, and a couple years ago “facebooking” became a verb in our language.  In a very short amount of time “pinning” has become a way to express your interest in something that you found online. Continue reading…


Newspapers With Pinterest Accounts

Is Your Local Paper on Pinterest?

newspapers with pinterest pagesMore than likely just by having found this article you are already aware of how large Pinterest has gotten in a very short time. You already know what Pinterest is. What you might not already know is that newspapers all over the world are publishing content on their own Pinterest Boards. While there have not been a large number of celebrities on Pinterest yet it seems that newspapers have not been shy about engaging with the hottest website ever. Yes, that is correct. Pinterest is the fastest growing website in the history of the internet.

Already there are hundreds of businesses and bloggers that are finding and exploring how their blog can increase traffic with Pinterest.  Newspapers which have used pictures to help sell papers for decades have been very early adopters of the marketing through Pinterest revolution. It will be interesting to follow these papers to learn if they are effectively getting new or more people to their websites. Continue reading…


One of Your Boards Was Categorized on Pinterest

category email from pinterest

With so many new people joining Pinterest over the last few months there are from time to time emails, posts, messages, or other happenings that newer users may not understand. One of the most common questions people new to Pinterest have is why they are getting an email or emails saying that some person has “categorized” one of their boards. Does the text from this email sound familiar?

Hi [Your Name],

Your pinboard ‘Name of a Board You Have‘ was categorized by Some Person you May or May Not Know as belonging to ‘Category Name‘.

Click here to change it.

– Ben and the Pinterest Team

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Wedding Planning with Pinterest

tips for planning a wedding with pinterest

Very few people that spent much time on the Internet over the last few months have been able to avoid the new social media site Pinterest. Not even a year old, Pinterest has touched a nerve with the public, and for sure has attracted a dedicated female base. Just looking at some of the popular “pins” on Pinterest proves that brides, mother of the brides, maid of honors, and friends of the bride have for sure found the benefits of having a Pinterest account.

For those that might not be fully aware of what Pinterest is, think of the it as a large bulletin board in which a person can pin pictures of things that they find interesting. The difference is that with Pinterest the pictures that a member pins to their bulletin board can be shared with the entire community. As many previous and future brides have discovered a Pinterest account can be very handy. Pinning cakes, decorations, dresses, hair styles, announcement pictures, invitations, and hundreds of other wedding related items can help inform planners, friends, and others about the styles of wedding planning that interests the bride. So how to get started? Continue reading…


Social Media Marketing with Pinterest

social media people must use pinterestPinterest the fastest growing website in history has an advantage for website marketing that a number of other sites do not have. That advantage is that with compelling pictures future customers are only a couple of clicks away from purchasing from you or your clients. Reducing the amount of clicks that possible customers have to complete in order to convert as a qualified lead or to make a purchase places Pinterest in the “must do” category on a social media marketing professional’s to-do list.

Because future customers are actually clicking on pictures of your products or services marketers can expect higher conversion rates and drastically reduce the time of the sales cycle. There is little chance that larger companies with in house SEO or Social Media Professionals are not already making their presence felt on Pinterest. This means that if you or your clients have not started yet with a Pinterest strategy then perhaps the below points of interest can persuade an expedited buy in. Continue reading…


Nonprofits On Pinterest

charity on pinterestMany businesses over the last few months have started hearing from their internet marketing departments that they need to start building their Pinterest strategies. We have already posted a list of fifty businesses on Pinterest. It makes sense that if it is smart for businesses in the for profit world to get their messaging out on Pinterest  that nonprofit operations should also jump on board.

As Tech Crunch has published, Pinterest has 11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors, and cleared the 10 million mark faster than any other site ever. With this kind of growth nonprofits can take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to not only educate but to also attract people to their websites. Continue reading…


Websites Can Block Content from Being Pinned

New Meta Tag Available to Stop Pinning Tools

meta tag for pinterest pinningNo one needs to tell most people right now what Pinterest is. In fact the site is growing so fast that there are a few growing pains being experienced. One of the primary complaints leveled against Pinterest so far has been that the site allows for the use of copyrighted images to be published without the owner’s permission. This is not really a unique issue for just Pinterest because many sites are publishing copyrighted images without permission. Sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, and even personal blogs are all using material owned by other people. Continue reading…


Popular Pinterest Users

pinterest popular followersPinterest is still a very new website. Of course some people are bigger fans than other people. Some people have joined Pinterest and then never really gotten how great it can be.  One of the ways that can help new Pinterest users to get how great using the site can be is to see how other power users are doing it.

In an effort to help those that are newer to the fastest growing website in history this list of the most followed users on Pinterest can help. Continue reading…


Celebrities On Pinterest

Find celebrities on PinterestOne of the driving factors that helped Twitter become what it is today was that from the start celebrities bought in to the idea of sharing their lifes through the Twitter format. Now the fastest growing website in history is starting to gather a few celebrities. Of course Pinterest is mostly made up of female users currently and that alone makes Pinterest one of the most unique marketing tools in some time.

So far looking for famous people that have started using Pinterest accounts and started pinning is not that easy. It turns out that there are some well known people that are on Pinterest already. Here is a list that includes some celebrities that it might be interesting to follow. Continue reading…


Shocking: 97 Percent of Pinterest Users Are Female

97 percent of pinterest is womenA fast look at the most popular items that have been pinned on Pinterest  show recipes, home decorating tips, hair styles, and wedding ideas. So today came the shocking news that Pinterest is made up of a user base that is 97 percent women. In other news today water is wet, and the sun is going to set in the west tonight. TechCrunch reporting on information provided by Inside Network’s AppData confirms the worst kept secret on the internet.Earlier this year stats showed Pinterest was getting 810,000 daily users and in the report today that number has jumped to 2 million daily users. These users are coming from a base of 10.4 registered members. These numbers lend credence to the reporting over the last six weeks that show Pinterest is now the fastest growing website of all time. Having been launched Pinterest registered over 10 million people in less than nine months.

One additional interesting piece of information from the AppData is in regard to the demographics of the women that are responsible for this huge increase for Pinterest. In most cases new trends start in one of the two coasts and then work their way into the middle of the country. In the case of Pinterest the explosion of registered users has been fueled by women aged 18-34 mostly located in middle America.

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