Christmas Boards on Pinterest

Best Christmas Boards on PinterestThere are a number of occasions that especially call for lots of pinning on Pinterest. Many are rare special events such as weddings, birth announcements, and massive weight loss. There are others on Pinterest that are looking for restaurants, fashion labels  or tech information. All of this pinning it seems might just be a warm up for the big time. The big time of course being the Christmas season. Continue reading…


Fashion Brands Found on Pinterest

fashion-brands-on-pinterestNot exactly a secret that there are a good deal of women using Pinterest. Past all the wedding planning, and finding new creative ways to take family pictures or to pose for announcements there are actually businesses also on Pinterest.

One industry that of course should be all over Pinterest is the fashion industry. Promoting new styles, new looks, and new fashion designs to the women using Pinterest makes just too much sense.  Here are a few fashion companies that you might be interested in finding on Pinterest. Continue reading…


Is Pinterest Driving Sales

This blog has not been huge in the re-publishing of infogrpahics. For sure there is not a shortage of websites that are jumping on the Pinterest boom to help get traffic to their sites. We at Pinterest Login of course would know nothing about that.

This is about to change with this posting. The fine people at Shopify have put together a nifty graphic that outlines how successful Pinterest is and has been at helping retailers to close sales.

Here are some highlights from the this graphic:

  • Pins with price tags get 36% more likes than those without it
  • Pinterest contributed with 17% of social media driven revenue in Q1 2012, up 16% from Q2 2011
  • Buyers coming from Pinterest are spending 10% more than the ones coming from other networks
  • Brands are growing faster than on Twitter
  • On Shopify, the average order coming from Pinterest is $80, higher than any other site including Google, Amazon and Facebook, which has an average of $40

Men the Bigger Spenders on Pinterest than Women

pinterest is for men tooPerhaps you have heard some place the the majority of users on Pinterest are women? An earlier post in this blog placed placed the percentage of women as Pinterest users at 97%, but there are reports  that can be found listing the percentage between 60% to 90%. All of which is a set up to deliver some interesting news regarding men using Pinterest.

It seems that men are reporting being more than twice as likely compared to women to have purchased a product or service after seeing it first on Pinterest. Continue reading…


10 Great Tech Boards on Pinterest

technology on pinterestSome of the most popular postings on this board are the ones in which we list Celebrities on Pinterest, Businesses on Pinterest, or People with the most followers on Pinterest. Given that the people seem to like these lists here is a new one. The list for this post is to provide some great boards that Pinterest users can follow to get some great Tech information.

The boards from this list include technology leaders from Adobe, GE, PCMag and others who provide tips, products, and general tech information. As with the other lists that we have publish on the website there is this disclaimer. At least right now there is not a verification process for celebrities or business like there is on Twitter. We are confident that these boards are being published by who is listed as the publisher but just in case you have been warned. Continue reading…


3 Good Pinterest Tools

pinterest toolsBecause the website Pinterest is still relatively new there are not yet that many tools that help users to do next level tasks. From time to time this blog about Pinterest will try to let you know about new tools that have become available. Not always will these tools for Pinterest be the most ground breaking advancements but depending on how much time you spend with Pinterest they each could be worth your time to try. We welcome you letting us know of any tools that you learn of, or to offer your own reviews of these tools in the comments section below.

So, please have some fun trying these Pinterest Tools: Continue reading…


Pinterest Losing Traffic

Are Fewer People on Pinterest?

fewer people using pinterest nowBack in January 2012 and through the beginning of March 2012 there was an explosion in free media attention surrounding the social media site Pinterest. All of this interest drove a large amount of first time visitors to the Pinterest site.

After this media coverage there was an explosion in traffic that peaked in March. Now it would seem that Pinterest is actually starting to lose users. At least in comparison to March it is clear that April has seen fewer people spending much less time on Pinterest. Continue reading…


Amazon and eBay Add Pinterest Share Buttons

pinterest buttons on ebay and amazonAlready on this bog we have highlighted retail stores that are buying in to the idea that marketing on Pinterest is a great idea. In fact other groups like charities, celebrities, and newspapers have all decided to get their share of the Pinterest market. That is why the news today is not all that much surprising. Today we found out that both Amazon and eBay have decided to add Pinterest buttons to their product pages. Continue reading…


Pinterest Rolls Out Editable Board Covers

pinterest allows edits to cover boardsHave you noticed when looking at your boards on Pinterest that  the the largest pinned picture has always been the last pin that was pinned for that particular board? Today, April 5th, Pinterest has updated their website with a minor upgrade that now allows a user to select which pin will be displayed as the board cover.

Pinterest has become so popular in part because it allows users to express their own personal expressions and style by pinning web pages and images that they find interesting. Continue reading…