Men the Bigger Spenders on Pinterest than Women

pinterest is for men tooPerhaps you have heard some place the the majority of users on Pinterest are women? An earlier post in this blog placed placed the percentage of women as Pinterest users at 97%, but there are reports  that can be found listing the percentage between 60% to 90%. All of which is a set up to deliver some interesting news regarding men using Pinterest.

It seems that men are reporting being more than twice as likely compared to women to have purchased a product or service after seeing it first on Pinterest.A recent survey from Compete reports that 37% of men Pinterest users said that they have purchased a product or service after seeing it on Pinterest. For comparison, in the same surevey only 17% of women report having made similar purchases.

It might surprise but a survey by Reuters from June reported that 20% of Facebook users say that they have ever bought a product or service after seeing advertising on Facebook.

It seems likely as Pinterest grows and dvelops a more diverse group of users that these types of numbers are going to change. With Facebook being so much more mature in their collection of users it is likley that advertising as started to get overlooked by the average users. On Pinterest the “new” feeling is still there, and for some images a user might not even know for sure that they are being sold something.

So what do these surveys report as being the types of items that are the most popular for users to interact with on Pinterest?

  • At the top of the list is food for 57%
  • Home 40%
  • Arts and Crafts 34%
  • Style and fashion 30%
  • Vacation 25%
  • Humor images 25% – seems low to us at this blog
  • And coming in last place is content related to children at 14%. This number to seems sort of low given the high volume of images on the “popular” page on Pinterest.

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  1. I just want to know, for some reason when I go to Pinterest, I can only see one page. It will not go on and on like I like to see everything, I can only go to the bottom of 1 page. What’s up with that? What am I doing wrong?

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