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Find celebrities on PinterestOne of the driving factors that helped Twitter become what it is today was that from the start celebrities bought in to the idea of sharing their lifes through the Twitter format. Now the fastest growing website in history is starting to gather a few celebrities. Of course Pinterest is mostly made up of female users currently and that alone makes Pinterest one of the most unique marketing tools in some time.

So far looking for famous people that have started using Pinterest accounts and started pinning is not that easy. It turns out that there are some well known people that are on Pinterest already. Here is a list that includes some celebrities that it might be interesting to follow.

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Alanis Morissette: http://pinterest.com/morissette/

Andrew Zimmern: http://pinterest.com/chefaz/

Demi Moore: http://pinterest.com/mrskutcher/

Felicia Day: http://pinterest.com/feliciaday/

Martha Stewart: http://pinterest.com/marthastewart/

Michael Kors: http://pinterest.com/michaelkors/

Nina Garcia: http://pinterest.com/ninagarcia/

Paula Deen: http://pinterest.com/pauladeen/

Ryan Seacrest: http://pinterest.com/ryanseacrest/

The Backstreet Boys: http://pinterest.com/backstreetboys/

Yoko Ono:  http://pinterest.com/yokoono/

Updated: Additional Famous People on Pinterest Found – Posted 3/23/2012

Mark Zuckerberg: http://pinterest.com/Zuck/

Julie Benz: http://pinterest.com/JulieB72/

Alyssa Milano: http://pinterest.com/touchbyam/

Ashley Benson: http://pinterest.com/ashbenzo/

To be sure this list is not that impressive yet, but you should keep in mind that Pinterest is a relatively new website. It was in November of 2009 that initial work was started on the site and it was March 2010 that the site was launched*. As more celebrities and their management learn about the branding opportunity that is available on Pinterest you can expect to see the usual players starting accounts. It will not be too long until Ashton Kutcher or Alyssa Milano starts their pinning activities.

Pinterest Login will continue to track as new celebrities being using Pinterest. If you know of any other famous people that could be added to this list please share with the rest of the class.

*-Updated March 26, 2012 based on a comment provided by Lauren

25 thoughts on “Celebrities On Pinterest

  1. We did a fast look around for Reese Witherspoon both on Pinterest and on other sites that might have her user name and came up empty. Perhaps we will get lucky and a visitor to this site will have found her account.

  2. Thanks Lauren! I went back and updated the posting to reflect the correct time line regarding the age of the Pinterest Website.

    I so appreciate you taking a minute to let me know about my mistake! Thank you so much!

  3. Yesterday, I got a message that Reese Witherspoon was following all of my boards (pinterest username: JesK8). I can’t help but wonder if it’s a friend pulling my leg, because they know how much I adore her. (I am not THAT lucky ;-P) The part that made me wonder is the lack of the N in the username… (http://pinterest.com/reesewitherspoo/) she’s on my boards as a “follower” but I make no guarantees that it’s the real Reese. If it is… OMG, I am sooooo dying here! 🙂

    • @Aims Are you askin because she’s liked some of your stuff? Eva Mendes has been liking my art work on Pintrest as of late.

  4. I am almost 100% sure that is not Reese witherspoons pinterest lol she said she was a pinterest addict, this account has maybe 50 pins at best. Sorry

  5. If you are already following some celebrities, go to their people they are “Following” at the top right hand side of their page. You will see some celebrities that they are following and folow through there. Hope thats helpful…I got quite a few that way.

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