Great Businesses on Pinterest Already

follow these businesses on PinterestOver the last several weeks it has been difficult to find any type of marketing or inbound internet marketing website that is not going on about the value of engaging with the growing community on Pinterest. As is the case with Google Plus, was the case with Twitter and Facebook there are a number of smart businesses that are actively using Pinterest to interact with current or future customers. This is very good news for people that are already members of Pinterest because not only can members follow their friends and family members, but also some great businesses that are actively pinning as well.

List of Brands On Pinterest:

Food and Cooking
Cooking Magazines
Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines
Beauty and Fashion
 Home Goods and Services
Colleges and Universities
A special thank you to Social Media Today that used a number of Pinners to help compile this very impressive list.
If you either own or are the marketing executive for a business that is of any size there is value in getting involved with the Pinterest. Because Pinterest is still used mostly by women if your business markets to the female market you must right this very moment without doing another thing start a Pinterest account. To be sure, your competition either already is on Pinterest or will be very soon.
Enjoy following the brands on this list. If you know of any others please leave their name and a link to their Pinterest page in the comments so that this list can be as inclusive as possible.


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  1. Red Cross Board

    The American Red Cross also has aboard and could be added under Non Profits.

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