Bloggers Should Be Using Pinterest

Pinterest is like an electronic bulletin boardExperienced bloggers to build up the traffic for their website very often are looking for ways to get their content in front of new readers. Some tools that bloggers might use are better than others but for a wise publisher a new account with Pinterestis a must. Pinterest is already the fasted growing website ever. Users of Pinterest use the website as an image sharing resource that works sort of like an electronic inspiration board. While surfing the net Pinterest members can “pin” images to their own board. Find a new dress design, or a great recipe, or maybe a great idea for a wedding then all a user has to do is click their Pin Button and in seconds their friends will be able to see the great idea that they found.The biggest difference that new users will notice about Pinterest compared to other social media sites is that there is very little reading involved. Mostly when scrolling around the user is treated to great pictures. These pictures so far are mostly related to categories that are traditionally considered feminine in nature. A fast glance at the “Popular” pins page reveals wedding ideas, hair styles, work out strategies, decorating and announcement ideas. There is some text in that people can leave limited comments when review pins.All of this is great, but why should should a blogger care at all about Pinterest?

Is there bad publicity?
Face it, on the Internet the only way to increase traffic to a blog is to inform people using other sites about how great the content on your blog is. As an added bonus using Pinterest encourages a blogger to increase the quality of the pictures that they publish on their site. better pictures will encourage a visitor to a site to “Pin” your content to their Pinterest Boards. What non-users may not understand is that each pin will get its own page on Pinterest and the picture actually becomes a link to the web page from which the image originally came from. This means possible huge increases in the traffic to your site if a pin becomes popular.

Getting ideas about blog posts ideas.
Use 5-15 minutes scrolling through just the popular page of recent pins. Maybe do a search for a particular topic on Pinterest. Without a doubt there will be pins from other members that will provide inspiration. This inspiration can lead to great new topic ideas for which new writing can be developed and then published.

I get that this is a new site and more than likely is not going to get many people to read this whole post to this point. If however you have used Pinterest it would be great to hear from you how your Blog has benefited from the pinning of blog posts.

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