Amazon and eBay Add Pinterest Share Buttons

pinterest buttons on ebay and amazonAlready on this bog we have highlighted retail stores that are buying in to the idea that marketing on Pinterest is a great idea. In fact other groups like charities, celebrities, and newspapers have all decided to get their share of the Pinterest market. That is why the news today is not all that much surprising. Today we found out that both Amazon and eBay have decided to add Pinterest buttons to their product pages.

Already a number of experienced Pinterest users were using their “Pin” button to place products from Amazon and eBay on to their boards. This adoption by eBay and Amazon to add a sharing button to each product listing will just make it easier for people to pin their favorite items.

pinterest is on ebay

Pinterest Share Button on eBay

Pinterest as most observers already acknowledge is a social media site that is dominated by women. In fact for many users the Pinterest has become sort of an online digital catalog to keep track of future shopping ideas. Spending just a few minutes reviewing the most popular pins on any given day will show a number of users are using Pinterest to plan for their weddings, special parties, or even holidays. It is not too much of a reach to imagine these users integrating their shopping time online into their online Pinterest time.

pinterest on amazon

Pinterest Share Button on Amazon

We think it goes without saying that any retail operation if not already doing so, will soon have to integrate into the Pinterest community. Given the reported demographics of users that are currently on Pinterest there is just too much opportunity for businesses to ignore.

If you know of other large websites that sell retail like eBay or Amazon please let us know in the comments section below. We would very much like to add them to our growing list of businesses on Pinterest.

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