Shocking: 97 Percent of Pinterest Users Are Female

97 percent of pinterest is womenA fast look at the most popular items that have been pinned on Pinterest  show recipes, home decorating tips, hair styles, and wedding ideas. So today came the shocking news that Pinterest is made up of a user base that is 97 percent women. In other news today water is wet, and the sun is going to set in the west tonight. TechCrunch reporting on information provided by Inside Network’s AppData confirms the worst kept secret on the internet.Earlier this year stats showed Pinterest was getting 810,000 daily users and in the report today that number has jumped to 2 million daily users. These users are coming from a base of 10.4 registered members. These numbers lend credence to the reporting over the last six weeks that show Pinterest is now the fastest growing website of all time. Having been launched Pinterest registered over 10 million people in less than nine months.

One additional interesting piece of information from the AppData is in regard to the demographics of the women that are responsible for this huge increase for Pinterest. In most cases new trends start in one of the two coasts and then work their way into the middle of the country. In the case of Pinterest the explosion of registered users has been fueled by women aged 18-34 mostly located in middle America.

Make sure to come back to Pinterest Login soon because there is some interesting news reports claiming that Pinterest in an effort to monetize this level of traffic to their site has been adding affiliate links to people’s postings without them knowing. As far as we can tell so far there is no proof of any negative actions from the Pinterest team and until there is something to report we will not speculate.

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