3 Good Pinterest Tools

pinterest toolsBecause the website Pinterest is still relatively new there are not yet that many tools that help users to do next level tasks. From time to time this blog about Pinterest will try to let you know about new tools that have become available. Not always will these tools for Pinterest be the most ground breaking advancements but depending on how much time you spend with Pinterest they each could be worth your time to try. We welcome you letting us know of any tools that you learn of, or to offer your own reviews of these tools in the comments section below.

So, please have some fun trying these Pinterest Tools:

Instead of “pinning” a single image from a website perhaps it would be nice to pin a screenshot of an entire web page. The best part is that when fellow Pinterest users click through the image the user will still be directed to the page you pinned to.

Snapito offers a Pin Page button and Pin Full Page button. It is our suggestion that  putting both buttons in your bookmarks bar is the best way to use this tool. Here’s the difference between each button:

“Pin Page” has a set dimension for a screenshot.

“Pin Full Page” will literally pin the entire webpage, no matter how long it is.

Pin A Quote
How cool would it be to convert text into a pinable image? Fo no charge you can use Pin A Quote to convert text to white images with a simple black text. for the more advanced Pinterest user or perhaps for businesses on Pinterest using the pro version would be better. For only $1.99 this tool offers customizable color and fonts.

Add This – Creating a Follow Button
This tool is not for just the users of Pinterest. This tool is for the benefit of publishers of websites or other content on the internet. AddThis has added Pinterest to their follow tools. Use their tool to make it easy to promote all of your social media profiles such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you have a review or have any thought about these tools please let us know. If you know tools that do similiar tasks but in a better way we would also like to know that.

Happy Pinning!


11 thoughts on “3 Good Pinterest Tools

  1. Just recently, when I repin something and want to change what board I want to repin to, it will not let me scroll down my list of boards! Is it me?

    • That happens to me all the time on my iPad, so it’s not just you. I usually just pin to whatever board will display and then go back later and edit the pin to the board I want it in.

    • It’s pretty frustrating. I found that the scroll bar is invisible so you just need to go as close to the bottom right of your board listings as if it were still there. It’s tricky and if you hold the cursor too long it’ll go all the way to the bottom. Just practice and use your ‘imagine it’s still there’ part of your brain. needless to say a lot of my pins aren’t on the right board. LOL

  2. Might just be you. Go to your board and there should be options to Repin, Edit, or Comment when you hover over the image. Select the Edit option and you should be able to change whatever you want, including deleting the pin if you wish.

    Happy Pinning!

  3. Go to your settings. Then just over halfway down you can select to have your activity posted to your Facebook page.

  4. how do I add Keurig to my pins? I have searched all over for them, but am so new to this that I likley am missing the obvious! thanks for any help you can give.

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